Our favorite little Dutch girl, Sunbonnet Sue, gets out and about more than you might think!  For this Challenge, Sue goes to Hollywood to star in her own art quilt depicting her adventures in a recognizable tribute to a television or movie of your choosing. For example, Sue might be waxing a car in a tribute to the movie “Karate Kid”, or you might depict her inside a bottle in a tribute to the television show “I Dream of Jeannie”. You choose the movie or television show. You choose the scene to depict.  Sunbonnet Sue stars in the scene.


  1. Quilt is to measure 18 inches x 22 inches when finished. You decide the orientation (18 x 22 or 22 x 18, either is fine).
  2. Quilt can be made of any type of materials and embellishments, however it is to have a top layer, middle layer, and back layer, and be fastened together in a secure manner using thread (i.e., it is to be a quilt).
  3. Group quilts are allowed.
  4. Sunbonnet Sue is to be featured in the scene, but she does not have to be the size of the template provided to you at sign up. She is allowed to be bigger or smaller if you choose.

For the 2020 Quilt Show, you will have the option to have your art quilt hang in a special exhibit entitled “Sunbonnet Sue Goes to Hollywood.”

Questions? Contact Catie Gynn at moc.liamgnull@nnygeitac.

YES! There will be Prizes!

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