Throughout the year, various swaps will be done for blocks. This often requires participants to make a specific number of the same type of block, which are then sorted & distributed so that each member of the swap has several unique blocks with which to turn into a project.

Sneak Peek of What’s Coming

We have some exciting swaps coming up this year! I don’t want to give everything away yet, but watch Love of Quilting, episode Patchworthy for a hint (check it out on YouTube via this link


Friendship Block Swap

Our friendship block swap continues! If you took home a tote for the swap, you will need to make TWO 12.5” blocks that will finish at 12” using only the fabric from that tote. Please choose a block that you would be happy to receive.

Hints for Friendship block swappers:

  • There are tons of cute blocks on the internet if you aren’t sure what to make. Just Google 12.5” quilt block pattern
  • If you are using a new block pattern, make a test block out of scraps before using the fabric in the tote (You can use scraps or do what I do: I have a tote of coordinating fabric that I keep just for making test blocks. When I have enough, I’m going to make them into a sampler quilt!)
  • Use your best cutting and ¼” seam

If you are not able to be at a meeting do your best to try to have someone bring the tote in for you to pass on to the next person, and to pick up your next tote.  Otherwise you will have to make arrangements to get the totes sorted out in time to get the blocks made.

Patchworthy Swap

We started sign-ups for our “Patchworthy Swap”.  The blocks for this swap will be 3.5” (unfinished) 9 patches. They will be turned in in sets of 50.  You can make multiple sets, each in their own Ziploc bag, clearly marked with your name. Blocks are due at the JUNE guild meeting.

  • Super easy instructions will be posted in our Facebook group for making the blocks using 1.5” strips
  • For the dark patches, which appear in the center and the 4 corners and center of your block, use any good quality quilting cotton
  • For the 4 light patches use any quality off-white fabric from Kona snow up to light tan (solid or low-volume print)
  • Use up your scraps!
  • Come to the April Social Sew on April 13th to get started! We will try to have some accuquilts there for cutting your fabric into strips! You do not have to come to the social sew to participate in the swap and you do not have to be participating in the swap to attend the social sew.

The name of this swap comes from the Patchworthy episode of Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting with featured a quilt made from 3.5” 9 patch swap blocks.  The quilt was also featured in January’s Love of Quilting magazine.  There are lots of other quilts that feature little 9 patches and I will be posting some on facebook as reminders to sew up those 9 patches!


If you have any ideas for swaps you would like to do, or if you have any questions about the Friendship Block Swap you can contact Mary Hoffman, Co-Chair of Swaps and Coordinator of Block Swaps.

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