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We are the Common Threads Quilt Guild!  We encourage the appreciation, education, and experiences of quilting.  Our membership is open to all who have an interest in quilting, regardless of quilting experience.  Please contact someone from the Welcoming Committee for details on joining.

We are chapter #OH784 of the National Quilting Association.


We meet the 4th Tuesday of every month.  Meeting time is 7 PM until 9 PM.

We meet at Bexley Methodist Church, 2657 E. Broad St, Bexley, Ohio.  The church is located on East Broad Street about 1 mile west of Quilt Beginnings. The parking lot is located at the corner of Remington and Broad St.  Come in the door under the long red awning. An elevator is available if needed.

Remember to bring...

  • Your Name Tag (or $.25 for the jar if you forget!)
  • This month's Quilt Exchange
  • Your quilts to Show and Tell


If you are a current member, you can obtain the monthly newsletter in several ways:

  • It goes out via email
  • It's also available on this website under Newsletters
  • The newsletter can be sent to you, if you provide SASE's to Claire Paul.

We email our newsletter because the majority of those in the Guild have an email address. But more importantly, emailing spares the Guild the enormous cost of postage required to send newsletters.  For most guilds, this is, by far, the bulk of a guild's expenses, and we'd rather use that money for special programs and speakers.


Many, many thanks go to Kaaren Courtney and her committee for all their hard work on putting these together. These By-Laws were formally accepted at the January 2001 meeting. Revised and formally accepted on October 23, 2003.

Article I - Name

The name of this guild shall be COMMON THREADS QUILT GUILD, a not-for-profit organization, to be referred to in this document as the Guild.

Article II - Purpose

The purpose of this Guild shall be to provide a locus for the creation and preservation of, education about and fellowship around American quilts which enrich our lives with their unique beauty.

Article III - Membership

Section A 

Membership in the Guild is open to anyone age 13 or over who is interested in the purposes of the organization. Such individuals shall be admitted to membership upon payment of $25.00 yearly dues. Persons joining after June 1 shall pay $12.00. Those 75 years and older have free membership. Members under the age of 18 are not eligible to attend overnight activities.

Section B

Active members are defined as those who participate in and support the activities and projects of the Guild and who have paid their dues by the date of the January Annual Meeting.

Charter members are those who have paid their dues between the January, 2000 and July, 2000 meeting dates.

Visitors are welcome to attend for two meetings in a calendar year. They must pay dues to join on their third visit.

A nominal fee may be charged visitors and/or members for special meetings or programs, such fee to be established by the Executive Board.

Article IV - Officers

Section A

The officers of the Guild shall be President, Vice President, Secretary/Historian, and Treasurer and shall be elected by the membership of the Guild at the January Annual Meeting. Persons holding office must be 18 years and over and be a member in good standing for at least one year.

Section B

Newly elected officers shall assume their duties at the close of the January Annual Meeting and shall remain in office for one year or until their successors have been installed. No officer shall serve more than two consecutive terms unless approved by majority vote of the members attending the November meeting of the Guild.

Section C

Vacancies in un-expired terms of office shall be filled by appointment of willing individuals. Such appointment shall be made by the Executive Board.

Article V - Duties of Officers

Section A

The President shall be responsible for conducting regular monthly meetings, chairing the Executive Board, attending other committee meetings as needed as an ex officio member and performing other duties as required.

Section B

The Vice President shall be a member of the Executive Board. She/He shall be responsible for meeting programs and shall assist the President as necessary. The Vice President presides over general meetings in the President's absence. The Vice President serves as President the following year.

Section C

The Secretary/Historian shall keep minutes of all monthly meetings of the Guild and shall maintain permanent records of all meetings of the Guild, including but not limited to such minutes.

Section D

The Treasurer shall receive and bank all Guild monies, disburse funds as authorized by the Executive Board and maintain records of all funds. An oral financial report shall be made at each meeting and a complete and reviewed report shall be made in writing at the Annual Meeting in January. The Treasurer shall prepare the proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year and shall present it at the January Annual Meeting. She shall present the books for review. She works with appointed chairs for special events.

The Treasurer works with the Secretary and the Membership Chair to maintain a current list of paid members. She updates this list on a monthly basis with the Vice-President and the Newsletter Editor and other with other people on an as needed basis.

One other Executive Board member shall be signatory on checking accounts along with the Treasurer. This must be accomplished within one month of Officer Installation at the January Annual Meeting.

Article VI - Executive Board

There shall be an Executive Board comprised of the elected officers and committee chairpersons to be appointed by the Board.

A quorum of the Executive Board shall be 60%.

The Executive Board shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Guild and it shall establish a balanced budget at the beginning of each year.

The regular meeting of the Executive Board shall be two weeks before the general meeting of the Guild on a monthly basis. Special meetings of the Executive Board can be called by the President or by two members of the Board or by ten members of the Guild.

The January Executive Board meeting shall include both outgoing and incoming Board members and Committee chairs.

Article VII - Nomination and Election

Section A

A nominating Committee composed of 3-5 members shall be chosen at the September meeting each year. The Vice-President will act as Chair.

Section B

A slate of officers and elected Committee Chairs shall be presented at the October Meeting. Nominations may be made from the floor in October and November, when elections by ballot shall be held. Any member may call for a roster of paid membership to be read for a vote to be granted.

Article VIII - Meetings

Section A

Meetings shall be held monthly on the fourth Thursday at 7:00 pm in a place to be determined by the Executive Board. A quorum shall consist of 50% of the active membership.  There shall be no proxy votes.  In consideration of all our members, young children UNDER THE AGE OF 13 shall not attend monthly meetings nor classes or workshops offered by the Guild. MEMBERS UNDER THE AGE OF 18 MUST BE ACCOMPANIED TO MEETINGS BY AN ADULT MEMBER.

Section B

The Annual Meeting shall be held in January. An annual report reviewed by two members of the Board shall be given in writing by the Treasurer. All committee Chairs shall present an annual report. The installation of the new Officers will take place at this meeting.

Section C 

Special Meetings may be called by the Executive Board or by a quorum of ten paid members. Such meetings must be advertised in writing two weeks prior to such a meeting. A quorum of 50% of the paid membership must be present to validate any votes taken at such a meeting.

Section D
A quorum for purposes of voting shall be 50% of paid membership. THERE SHALL BE NO PROXY VOTING.

Article IX - Committees

Section A

The Committees of Common Threads Quilt Guild shall be 1) Service; 2) Ways and Means; 3) Welcoming; 4) various activity committees as needed. All Chairs shall maintain notebooks which contain their job description, committee budget, and these shall be updated as needed. MEMBERS HOLDING THE CHAIR OF A COMMITTEE MUST BE OVER THE AGE OF 18 AND BE A MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING FOR AT LEAST ONE YEAR.

Section B

The Service Committee shall organize and carry out any service or charitable project chosen by the Guild.

The Ways and Means Committee shall organize and carry out fund raising activities as defined by the Executive Board.  Such activities may be limited to the membership only, or may reach out to include the wider quilting community.

The WELCOMING Membership Committee shall maintain ties to all members and shall encourage active participation in the Guild by keeping attendance records and by providing door prizes and other such activities at each monthly meeting. All new member information shall be given to the Treasurer. THE WELCOMING COMMITTEE the Hospitality Committee shall provide refreshments for each meeting SPECIAL EVENTS by soliciting volunteers to bring food on a regular basis AS NEEDED.

Other committees shall be established on an as needed basis for such activities as friendship blocks, round robin quilts, block exchanges and so forth.

Article X - Amendment

These by-laws can be amended or repealed by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of a quorum (50% of current paid membership) at any regular or special meeting of the Guild, provided that such proposed amendments have been published in writing at two monthly meetings.

Article XI - Parliamentary Rules

Parliamentary Procedure shall adhere to those rules of parliamentary procedure published in the most recent edition of Robert's Rules of Order.

Article XII - Dissolution

In the event of a decision to dissolve the Common Threads Quilt Guild, the net assets of the organization shall be distributed to a 501(c)(3) organization whose purposes are similar to this Guild. No funds shall revert to the benefit of any individual member. 

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